About Us

Somebody told you about us? Well that is because Garage Door has been operating out of Glendale, AZ for the past twenty years. During this time, we have stayed committed to providing the best possible services at the lowest prices we can. We have been able to provide our high-quality, expedient service and replacement parts at such low prices because of our long standing business relations with local manufacturers and distributors.

Heard About Us?

You can feel confident that when you call us, that you have called the most reliable, friendliest, most experience professional Glendale garage door repair company in the state. As if that wasn’t enough, we have also drastically reduced response times. With other companies, you may have to schedule your appointment as far as 3 MONTHS OUT!!! With us, we can get a licensed professional to your home with just hours of your phone call. Not only that, but our technicians arrive fully stocked which means that we can complete virtually any repair or replacement within the same visit. We also give you a flat rate, prior to service, no hourly charges to account for, no strange charges.


Quick Response Right After Call

Our technicians will arrive at your home, often only hours after your call, and provide you with our Signature 25-Point Inspection which will indicate any and all suggested repairs or replacements as well as an exact estimate for that repair or replacement. No service will be provided until you agree to a price.

Available Clock Around

Furthermore, we work 24/7 which means that whenever you are having garage door issues, we can help you! Our dispatchers are standing by the phones ALWAYS so that you can expect NO EXTRA CHARGES FOR LATE NIGHT OR EARLY MORNING SERVICE REQUESTS. Give us a call today and you will see immediately why our little community has named us the No. 1 Most Trusted Repair Company in Glendale Arizona.

Call Us Now! (623) 201-3407

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