Garage Door Spring Repair Glendale

Garage Door Spring Repair Glendale

Garage Door Spring Repair Glendale is proud to offer the number one garage door spring repair service in the Glendale area at Arizona. If your garage door isn’t operating as quietly or smoothly as it once did, then there’s a good chance that you have a problem with your garage door spring. While this is a relatively simple problem, it can be dangerous to try and solve this problem yourself which is why we highly recommend you give us a call. If you need us to, we can be there on the very same day and will solve the problem quickly and affordable for you so that you can go back to what you were doing with the minimum interruption!

What is a Garage Door Spring?

Most garage doors utilize some kind of spring in order to aid their operation and to help them close and open more efficiently. This works in tandem with the motor, which in turn will normally be controlled by the opener on your garage door. Garage doors generally utilize two types of springs: torsion springs and extension springs.
While torsion springs can be found just above your garage door when it is in the closed position, extension springs are located above the upper tracks on either side. Like most things in life, garage springs have a limited shelf-life and can eventually deteriorate through use. At this point they may become stiff or brittle, or they may even snap.


What to do with a Broken Garage Door Spring?

If your garage door spring has become stiff or out of balance, then this might cause your door to get trapped shut or open. Alternatively, it might not sit right or it might just become very difficult to operate. It’s important not to try and fix this problem yourself. In some cases, a little lubricant can solve the problem. In most scenarios though, the spring will need to be completely replaced or readjusted.

Can Be Dangerous

Garage door spring repair can be dangerous if you do it yourself because of the amount of tension in the springs. If they should snap while you’re near them, this can lead to a serious injury. When you hire us for Garage Door Spring Repair Glendale we use cables to help keep the spring in place. That way, we can be sure that the spring won’t suddenly snap and we can avoid unnecessary injury or damage to your door.

Our Service

Garage Door Spring Repair Glendale is the premier Glendale company for garage door repair and replacement. If you suspect your garage door spring is damaged, then we can come out and quickly repair or replace it for you to get your garage door working again. We offer emergency, same-day services too – so if you need your door fixed quickly, we can be there right away. At Garage Door Spring Repair Glendale, our priority is your satisfaction.

Quality Products With Warranty

We work quickly but we always take great care in our work. All our services and products come with a full guarantee and warranty, so you can rest assured your garage door will be good as new. Give us a call today for a free quote, or take a look around the site to explore our other services.

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